Help me to do it myself!

These simple words are the credo that define the activities in the Beginning Montessori Classroom.

Children from ages 18 months through 3 years enjoy an esthetically pleasing environment with materials suited to each stage of their development.

The Beginning Montessori Class focuses on the young child learning through their senses and exploring the world around them. Children enjoy free choice of materials that are arraigned on shelves that are at just the right height. The tables and chairs are also scaled to fit the young child.

The typical day for the child in the Beginning Montessori Classroom includes a work cycle, snack, outside time, group time with reading and singing, and individualized lessons based upon each child's respective interests and phase of development.

Children in the Beginning Montessori Class learn about their world through manipulation of trial and error. Each of the materials in the classroom is carefully constructed to allow the child freedom to explore, but also to have a built in control, where the child is able to achieve the learning objective the teacher has designated.